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If you aren’t using YouTube for book promotion, you’re missing a major outlet. Expand your books' visibility and reach readers on any screen: desktop, mobile, and even TVs!

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Sign-up and get a $150 YouTube Ad credit with your purchase.

Get A $150 Ad Credit

A Complete Advertising Service Package for Book Promotion on YouTube

Our 10-15sec Book Candy Lite trailer format is optimized for higher view completion rates.

Book Candy Trailer

Includes ad campaign creation, target audience setup, and budget configuration.

Campaign Setup

We manage and optimize your campaign to maximize the performance of your video ads.

Management & Reports

Starter Package


Expand Your Brand 

1 Trailer: Lite Package

Ad Campaign Setup

Analytics Performance Dashboard

We take care of it all.

Our YouTube video ad experts handle:

  • campaign creation
  • targeted audience profiles
  • cost-per-view bids
  • ongoing campaign analysis
  • video ad optimization.

Expand Your Author Brand!

YouTube incorporates viewer Google search history when serving ads, essentially combining the audiences of the two biggest search engines on the web.

With more than 1 billion users on YouTube, don't miss the opportunity to reach new readers watching content relevant to you and your brand. 




"Book Candy AdHorizons is a great way to get noticed by video bloggers and romance channels on YouTube."

— Siobhan Davis, USA Today Bestselling Author

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider this simple fact. On mobile alone, more 18-to 49-year-olds watch YouTube during prime-time in the United States than they do the top ten prime-time shows combined.*

Why Does AdHorizons Focus On YouTube?

AdHorizons includes a $150 quickstart ad budget, which makes it easy for anyone to get started. We'll use this to fund the initial campaign. Plus, YouTube only counts the viewers who watched  100% of your video ad from start to finish.

When Do I Pay For Ads?

We'll structure the audience targeting to show your ad to people actively watching content related to your genre, tap into video trends relevant to your target audience, and display your ads on book review/blog channels.

How are AdHorizons Campaigns Configured?

You can continue your AdHorizons campaign with Monthly Campaign Management. Once you've signed up for management, you're in control of the pace and ad budget. You can also add new campaigns to your account at a discounted rate.

What Happens When My Campaign Ends?

*Source: Google-commissioned Nielsen study, U.S, 2016

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